Brachina Gorge camping

November 28, 2016

Brachina Gorge is located in the Flinders Ranges National Park. It’s an amazing place which has been formed 500-600 milions years ago while the entire place was at the bottom of the ocean.
The entire area is full of kangaroos and emus. We stayed in the Barchina Gorge for one night and we were the only humans there. It was unbelievable – no phone reception, no civilization (except for one compost toilet), no people, no cars. Just the nature!

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The 20km dirt road leads through the gorge. It’s mostly suitable for 2WD cars, but after the rain the road could be not passable without 4WD vehicles. So checking the weather forecast is essential, especially if heavy rain is predicted.

Funny story – the toilet was located probably 100-150 meters from where we parked. After the sunrise photo session I walked there for a relief and from the distance I could hear some noises. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a person. When I opened the door I saw a big kangaroo having a dump! He got very terrified and run away sliding on his own poo 😉 I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of him, but I documented what he has left there 😉

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