Sunday morning

Marzec 20, 2017

What could you do at 3 am on Sunday morning (for many it’s a middle of the night :P) ?
Wake up and get ready for a sunrise at the highest peak of the Karkonosze Mountains!

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Karkonosze Mountains crazy weather

Marzec 17, 2017

One of my most favourite hiking routes in the Karkonosze Mountains.
Szklarska Poręba > Wodospad Kamieńczyka > Hala Szrenicka > Szrenica > Śnieżne Kotły > Schronisko Pod Łabskim Szczytem > Szklarska Poręba

That day the weather was absolutely crazy, constantly changing. Literally from sunny day to the snow storm within the minutes!
First photo taken at 5:41 am, last at 11:08am.

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India, Ladakh

Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh

Luty 22, 2017

Ladakh is mostly inhabited by people of Tibetan descent, which makes that region a very rich in Buddhist temples, monasteries, gompas…
Some of them have been founded in the 11th century. Few are in ruins while others are still inhabited by monks and ordinary people.
It has been an amazing experience to be there and see how they live!
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