40km downhill in the Himalayas

Luty 6, 2017
Kardung La

Khardung La pass is situated ~39 km from Leh. I got to the top by car, with the bicycle on its roof – it was exciting.
But the real fun began on the way down – nearly 40 km long, from the altitude of 5359 meters to approx 3500 meters!

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Lake at 4350 meters!

Luty 2, 2017
Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso lake is located along the border with Tibet, at the elevation of 4350 meters. About 158 kilometers from Leh (over 5 hours of driving).
To get there, you cross over the 5360 meters Chang La Pass, the third highest motorable road in the world!
We stayed overnight with local people, in the small village called Spangmik.

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„Little Tibet”

Styczeń 23, 2017
Leh, Ladakh

Leh in the region of Ladakh, north of India. Often called as „Little Tibet”.
Surrounded by the Himalayas and Karakorum mountain ranges. Absolutely an amazing place!

It has been recommended to us by our friends from the Career Break 🙂

The photographs have been taken over the period of 10 days. We haven’t stayed in Leh for the whole time, next posts will include some trips we have taken 🙂

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Australia, Sydney, NSW

Sydney sunrise

Styczeń 19, 2017
Sydney sunrise

One of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen – Sydney’s harbour.
What if you add the sunrise? Jaw dropping!

I’m so glad I’ve made that decision to chase my dreams! Dreams about Australia!

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Streets of New Delhi

Styczeń 16, 2017
New Delhi

When I went to India I was at the very beginning of my photography road…
I didn’t look at those shots for a long time, I thought they’re really bad… but recently I decided to develop few of them and hey – some photos are pretty good! I will not upload all of them at once.

For today I have the New Delhi. Next posts will be from Ladakh – the most exciting!

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