Streets of New Delhi

Styczeń 16, 2017
New Delhi

When I went to India I was at the very beginning of my photography road…
I didn’t look at those shots for a long time, I thought they’re really bad… but recently I decided to develop few of them and hey – some photos are pretty good! I will not upload all of them at once.

For today I have the New Delhi. Next posts will be from Ladakh – the most exciting!

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Sydney, NSW

Mahon Pool

Grudzień 22, 2016
Mahon Pool

I went through my older shots and came across that… taken over 3.5 years ago at Mahon Pool in Sydney.
Surrounded by some of Sydney’s busiest beaches, Mahon Pool remains mostly unknown to ‘outsiders’, making it a favourite spot for locals to enjoy a quiet swim.
I used to love coming there to shoot sunsets… I feel a bit nostalgic now…
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Lonely, windy and frosty…

Grudzień 21, 2016

…morning in the mountains.  A quick walk for a sunrise at the Szrenica peak, fallowed by Śnieżne Kotły.
The weather was very unstable and it was changing rapidly – from a nearly clear sky to a very thick fog in a matter of minutes.
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