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Brachina Gorge camping

Listopad 28, 2016
Flinders Ranges

Brachina Gorge is located in the Flinders Ranges National Park. It’s an amazing place which has been formed 500-600 milions years ago while the entire place was at the bottom of the ocean.
The entire area is full of kangaroos and emus. We stayed in the Barchina Gorge for one night and we were the only humans there. It was unbelievable – no phone reception, no civilization (except for one compost toilet), no people, no cars. Just the nature!

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Misty autumn around castle Chojnik

Październik 7, 2016

Forest around the Chojnik castle in Sobieszów, Poland.
There is no such thing as a bed weather for photography.
I really like to photograph forests, mountains and generally nature when the weather is… let’s called it bad (for most people) – gloomy, rainy and misty 🙂

Enjoy the view! It was a beautiful morning…

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