My name is Piotr, I was born and raised in Poland. But since I remember I was always driven by a need of exploring. One day I’ve decided to move to another country, at first for few months. After returning home I knew I can’t stay here for a long. Since then my need to travel was becoming stronger and stronger, eventually evolved to be a passion. Along the way I discovered photography, which is now my main way to capture passing time and gained experiences.

I used to live (from few months to few years) in England, Northern Ireland, Canada and Australia, but travelled many more countries.
Now I’m back in Poland, currently based in a beautiful and historical city of Wrocław.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit my photography porfolio at www.piotrhalka.pl.

If you want to contact me drop me an e-mail piotr@thewanderingpath.com or use the contact form.

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