Przełęcz Okraj – Śnieżka – Przełęcz Okraj

December 12, 2017

That day was a typical example of a false weather forecast. It supposed to be cloudy with only 10-15% chance for a sunshine… Ok, it was true until we reached the altitude of approximately 1250 meters. From there, everything changed – luckily for us! 🙂

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Above the clouds! (updated)

November 7, 2017

It was a great day in the mountains. -8°C and foggy in the valleys, but perfectly clear and sunny from approx 1300 meters above sea level.
Being above the clouds is amazing!

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Polska złota jesień!

October 19, 2017

Do you like to get up early? I mean like really early, before the sun. Probably not, but you should!
Scroll down to see why! Oh… polska złota jesień means the polish golden autumn 🙂

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KPN competition

September 29, 2017


Few shots for a photography completion organised by the Karkonoski Park Narodowy. Wish me luck 🙂

Update: Yay! 3 photos has been chosen for the official calendar of the Karkonosze National Park!

The winning photos are available to download as a desktop wallpapers!

Zdjęcia do konkursu organizowanego przez Karkonoski Park Narodowy. Życzcie mi powodzenia 🙂

Aktualizacja: Jest! Aż 3 zdjęcia zostały wybrane do oficjalnego kalendarza Karkonoskiego Parku Narodowego!

Fotografie, które wygrały dostępne są do ściągnięcia jako tapety na pulpit!

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June 2017

September 15, 2017

As usual – nature, mountains, forests, countryside, boarder collie and hikes 😉
There are a lot of photos, so be patient.

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Summer sunrise at Śnieżka

September 8, 2017

Hello! After a long break, I’m back 🙂
Starting with something special – my first ever summer sunrise at Śnieżka. I’ve already been there many times for the sunrise but it was in the winter, spring and autumn.
I was really surprised by the amount of people at the top, looked as if there were 80-ish of them! Very different from the winter time when you can be there by yourself and you don’t need to wake up as early as in the summer (2am – sic!).

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